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Signatures Rules

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  • Signatures Rules

    Signatures Rules

    * The total maximum dimensions for images/text in a signature is 500px (width) by 100px (height) horizontally only.

    * Signatures can only be 20KB or less in total file size.

    * you should have 500 posts before you can write new signature !

    *You may not have links advertising other websites within your signature.

    Warning System

    #1 Members who disobey the rules will be warned or banned depending on what the moderator believes is the appropriate punishment.

    #2 Members can be warned a maximum of three times. On the third the member will be immediately banned. This does not mean that you have to have a warning to get banned, moderators may ban you without warnings depending on the offense.

    #3 A warning can have a time bomb unless you're banned. If a time bomb is set, your warning will automatically expire after a certain number of days.