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  • GeekWorld.Co.In FORUM RULES . . .


    1. The primary language spoken/written on this forum is English. If links are shared for any item other than English, that language must be stated in the title. The language and English info must also be stated/provided in the post. Posting comments, inquiries or anything else in a non-English language is not permitted.
    2. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.
    3. Flaming / Spamming will not be tolerated. Spamming & flaming posts will be removed without notice and members disciplined or banned.
    4. Do not post profanity.
    5. Do not post or incite racism, sexism or homophobia. Members involved may receive a ban without warning.
    6. Always stay on topic.
    7. No posting of adverts or scams involving Rapidshare accounts.
    8. Search before posting. Do not make new threads for topics already started.
    9. Asking, begging, bartering for Rapidshare accounts, reputation points and anything else is not allowed. Links are to be shared, not exchanged.
    10. Posting private messages in public forums is not allowed.
    11. Discussion of illegal drug use in public forums is not allowed.
    12. All links that require a password must have the password clearly stated in the post. Posts missing passwords will be deleted. Posts directing members to another site for password retrieval will be deleted and the member banned.


    1. Post in the appropriate forum and subforum. Read the forum descriptions before posting.
    2. Search before you post. Add your links to any existing thread of the same type.
    3. Do not start a new thread for the same item.
    4. All links must be coded. Highlight your link(s) and hit the “#” button. This will put code tags at the beginning and end of your links.
    5. Do not place dots or symbols in post titles.
    6. Any files which are password protected must have the password clearly shown in the post.
    7. Self-extracting archives are not allowed.
    8. When posting large amounts of links in one post, it is advisable to group them in a single code box to reduce page scrolling.
    9. Members are responsible for maintaining their posts/links. Dead links and / or posts will be deleted or moved to Graveyard without notice.


    1. Images posted on GeekWorld.Co.In must not be live (clickable, which will open up to another site) so we suggest that they be posted from your own personal account on an image sharing site.All Images must be posted using [IMG] tags.
    2. Do not use thumbnail links when posting images. These linked images are considered "live links" and are not permitted.
    3. A maximum of 25 images per POST. We would prefer less, however we understand that tutorials (etc.) might require the full 25.


    All General Forum Rules are in effect in all forums. If you are interested in posting in any of these specific forums, you must read and follow the additional Forum Specific Rules for that area.

    1. 1. The title of the post should be the exact name of the movie (as listed on, with the year released and type of rip.
    2. 2. An IMDB link to the movie’s info
    3. 3. An image of the movie poster and screenshots are not required but are desirable for downloaders.
    4. 4. Films in languages other than English are allowed, but language must be clearly stated in title or post.

    1. 1. Mega-threads are not allowed without consent from a TV Moderator. If you desire to post a mega-thread, first contact a TV Mod for approval.
    2. 2. Please give information on the links you are posting, such as an IMDB link for the TV show, screenshots, and episode information.

    1. 1. The title must include the exact name and artist.
    2. 2. Cover art, track listings , bitrate and other info are not required but are desired by downloaders.
    3. 3.Personal collections of the same genre are to be added to their respective sub-forums. Personal, various genre collections must be posted to the Collections sub-forum.
    4. 4.New mega-threads (collection threads where anyone may post their links) are not allowed.

    Ebooks /Audiobooks/Magazines and Comics
    1. 1. Books/Magazines/Comics may be posted in other languages, but it must state the language in the title and the info section.
    2. 2. The title of the post should the exact name of the item plus author if applicable.
    3. 3. Cover Art - This is not required but it does help to enhance your post.
    4. 4. Audio books - bitrate and whether the item is abridged/unabridged is desired by downloaders.
    5. 5. Information - You must supply the information about your book. You can either type it directly into your post or link to a website that has the info.
    6. Amazon has the info on books.

    PC Games/Video Games
    1. 1. Please post game under appropriate system section.
    2. 2. Region for console and hand-held games must be posted
    3. 3. Remember, no one needs 20 images to decide whether to play a game or not. Please limit images to a reasonable number.
    4. 4. Assume all games are untested, unless the posting member states otherwise.

    Requests - Requests should be made in the Request Forums. Requests in the open forum may be deleted.
    You Should utilize the Request forums. There are specific rules that govern requests.
    Posting A Request
    1. 1. Search before you post. Do not request anything that has been posted unless they contain dead links.
    2. 2. Find the appropriate section to post your request in.

    3. 3. Title and Info
      • a. Title: Title should state the name what you are seeking.
      • b. Info: The more info, the better. If at all possible, supply a link to a web page with the info. (IMDB or Amazon, for example).

    4. 4. Other
      • a. If you wish to post a 'list' of items within one request post, please delete/amend the list as appropriate when requests are filled, that helps us help you.
      • b. Please be patient if your request hasn't had any response. If your request hasn't been filled after 2 weeks, you may bump your request.
      • c. If you find the item that you requested yourself, please post on your thread as soon as possible.
      • d. You're not obliged to, but I would recommend that you 'subscribe' to the thread so that you receive notification when the request is filled. The filler may notify you by PM that they have filled your request. You may thank them by PM, but please, also thank them in your request thread.

    Filling A Request
    1. 1. Where to place the links
      • a. Create a thread in the appropriate general forum or sub-forum. That is where the Rapidshare links go. They are not to be posted in the request forums

    2. 2. Advising the requester that the request has been posted.
      • a. Return to the request thread and provide a link to the post you just created in the general forums. Example:“Your request has been posted here - (Link to be posted here.)“
      • At your discretion, you may also PM the requester that you have filled their request

    3. 3. Small Requests
      • a.There may be circumstances when it's not necessary to create a new thread in order to fill a small request (for example: a single mp3 track or a single episode from a tv series. If you are not starting a new thread, you may PM the requester any info or links you have for them...but please post on the thread to let others know. The requester should also respond in their thread to let everyone know if that satisfied their request.

    4. 4. Marking and Moving Requests Posts/Threads
      • a. Once a request had been filled, it will have [Filled] added to it’s title. This will let request fillers know that the request has been filled. This will save them time by not having to open and read threads that have been filled.
      • b. Once a filled request has been thanked by the requester, the request will be moved to the “Filled Request Archive.” If a requester has not thanked the filler within 2 weeks of the request being filled, it will also be moved to the “Filled Request Archive”.
      • c. If the request has not been filled within 60 days, the request will be moved to the “Dead Request Archive”. Once a request is placed in the “Dead Request Archive”, the requester is free to re-request that item.

    1. 1 Signature Picture. Max Size: 500x500
    2. 2 Userbars. Max Size: 350x19
    3. 3 Lines Of Text Max Font Size: 4
    4. No Links To Outside Sites Are Allowed. Internal GeekWorld.Co.In Links Only.
    5. No Advertising Of other Sites Is Allowed.
    6. No Profanity, Nudity, Racism, Sexism, Or Flaming Is Allowed.
    7. English Only.

    ALL avatars must follow all rules of the forum. This includes coded links, language, etc. Nudity and drug related images are not allowed.

    While we do not approve of advertising other sites here on GeekWorld.Co.In, there are ways you can advertise. Editing your Profile Page and filling in the Home Page Url box is one way.

    All members are encouraged to report posts with dead links, rule violations and anything that is detrimental to the forum. To report a post, click the small triangle with the exclamation mark. This is located at the left, in the user information box, at the bottom. Once the report window pops up, type the reason why you are reporting the post and click send.
    (You will see this under the report box: [Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts], but you may use this report for any type of report.

    Want to become a staff member?

    We will respond to people that ask to be a staff member! We strongly encourage you even asking! If you do good then we will make you a staff member. Admins and Mods will see you doing a good job and will offer you a promotion.

    Disclaimer: Moderators reserve the right to change or delete any questionable content at anytime. This includes, but is not limited to posts, signatures, avatars, etc. THE RULES MAY BE AMENDED AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. The safety of the forum and it's members are top priority at so we reserve this right.

    DISRESPECT TOWARDS GeekWorld.Co.In STAFF WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND MAY RESULT IN A TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT BAN. Issues regarding the forum or the staff must be discussed with staff in private messages, not in the public forums. This is to prevent flaming and upsetting the group.

    Regarding banned members: members who have been banned may not enter the forums using another account or an alias. Discovery of such activities will result in continual IP and e-mail address banning.

    GeekWorld.Co.In is a brilliant community full of volunteers, we are continually expanding and growing exponentially!