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Thread: CUPS in Linux

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    Post CUPS in Linux

    The Common Unix Printing Service (CUPS) is the Linux/Unix implementation of the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). It is responsible of printing services on a Red Hat Linux system.

    The Red Hat GUI tool to configure printing services is 'system-config-printing'. It is a friendly way to configure CUPS priting services. It configure and activates on boot the cupsd daemon :
    $ /etc/init.d/cupsd status
    Another way to configure CUPS is using the Web interface on
    Line Print Daemon Commands

    Although the system uses CUPS to manage the printing services, users can still use Line Print Daemon (LPD) commands :

    $ lpc status
    Shows the status of all known printing queues.
    $ lpr -Pprinter filename
    It sends the file filename to the printing queue 'printer'.

    $ lpq
    LaserJet12 is ready and printing
    Rank          Owner          Job          Files              Total Size
    active          root          373          /etc/fstab          10240 bytes
    1st              root         374         /etc/inittab        10240 bytes
    It shows all printing jobs submitted on the printing queues. In this case the file /etc/fstab is being printed on LaserJet12, the file /etc/inittab will be printed after /etc/fstab.
    $ lprm 374
    It removes the printing job with id=374, so the file /etc/inittab will not be printed.
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