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Thread: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

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    Default Re: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    SON OF THE B....! I have over 150Gb of GREAT files...but i know not everyone downloads them all the time....

    Damn RS just keeps digging itself into the ground

    PS: Anyone know how to look at your "inactive" files? I have over 2k files and don't have the time to look at each ones "last downloaded" date

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    Default Re: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    It's a terrible decision. As has been mentioned in this thread, the "specialist" and old time stuff as well as the personal will be all deleted. It won't be storage anymore, it will be purely turnover. This model won't suit many people and will be so bad for those off us who get a hankering to play an old game, watch an old movie, read an an old or specialist e-book, find old music clips or albums. You won't find them on Rapidshare. These things will migrate to filehosters who don't adopt this approach.

    New stuff that has high demand will be the mainstay for uploaders. You'd have to be very dedicated to download your own stuff every 90 days if it's multi-gigabytes of specialist/old time or even personal. And why should we have to? It's not what we paid for. We paid for unlimited storage time during the life of our account - it's there in the screenshot.

    Rapidhare would be well advised to change this policy or face a huge exodus.

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    Default Re: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    when a link is queried does it count towards the last downloaded time? i know you get a download number increase but not a RS point increase by that

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    25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    Did anyone else receive this?

    I have like .. MAYBE a gig of files in my storage there... 'Not sure why I got this one:

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    If it is true - Mega Upload

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    Hi, I think it will loose the confidence then the sharing place will not allowed 100% and if there will be any deletion regarding this matter . The word unlimited will become a dream.
    Good sharing.


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