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Thread: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

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    Default 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    Did anyone else receive this?

    I have like .. MAYBE a gig of files in my storage there... 'Not sure why I got this one:

    Dear Customer #----

    we hereby inform you that paragraph IV.(2) of our Terms of Use will be technically implemented and activated on 20. October 2009.

    Premium Accounts whose files use more than 25 GB ( Bytes) of storage will be subject to the file inactivity regulations, which effectuate the automatic deletion of inactive files. A file is inactive if it has not been downloaded for at least 90 days.

    For Premium Accounts that use less than 25 GB of storage, the storage time for inactive files is unlimited.

    If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you are entitled to cancel the contractual relationship within a time limit of four weeks as of receipt of this notification. Should you not make use of your right of cancellation, the alterations are presumed to be accepted and become an effective integral part of the contract.

    Best regards,
    Support Team

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    Default Re: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    Yes, I got one. I sent an email to Rapidshare support asking them to verify its authenticity, and to post it on their site if it's true.

    If it is true - Mega Upload, here I come!
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    Default Re: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    One of the main reasons i went premium with rapidshare is because they offer "unlimited" storage for your files.

    What is the point of PAYING for storage if the host can delete them, just because it has no d/l for 90 days. That is wrongly assuming that all files on their service are to be downloaded and not 'stored' for what ever reason.

    What they are really saying is that it is cheaper for them to deal with bandwith then it is to deal with storage space. Remember Rs is a business and ALL business look to maximise thier returns by running their services as cheaply as they can.

    I have personal home movies and business files on my account, I travel around a fair bit, i always have the security of knowing that if I loose my laptop or memory stick, I just simply log onto Rs and grab what ever files i need.

    Now that security and peace of mind is gone. If they can't handle the sheer volume of files on their service, then they should of not advertised with the word "unlimited".

    If they delete just one of my 219Gb of files, i will cancel my account without hesitation.

    I suggest to all you who are concerned with this develpoment, to email Rs, politely telling them you will either cancell your account or let it expire, if they continue in this heading.

    To suggest that their current actions will hurt their bottom line will make them think twice about doing it and hopefully force them to change this new rule.

    With all due , to suggets tha if you want to keep files for longer then 90 days, then just d/l them yourself is just plain ridiculous. Are you suggesting that i re-donwload over 150Gb every 90 days, just to keep them on a storage service that I'm paying for?

    That is just submissive / accommodating talk, you're folding faster then Superman on laundry day. Don't be so suggestable and fight. After all you are paying for it no?

    Here is a copy of the email i just sent them:

    To whom it may concern,

    The majority of files I have stored on your premium service are personal and not intended to be downloaded with frequency.

    To suggest you are going to penalise me for using your service as your advertising slogans propose is not advisable.

    You are hereby notified, that if you procceed to delete any one of my files because of inactivity I will cancel my premium hosting services with you permanantly.

    Please reconsider your new policy before mass implementation.

    Yours kindly,
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    Default Re: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    Yes I also replied explaining I only have a few hundred megs in there and why did I get the email..

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    Default Re: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    i have over 400gb and i didn't get one, but they may be cycling through peoples emails rather than sending them all at once so they don't overload their email servers

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    Default Re: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    Quote Originally Posted by ThIrtEEn
    Yes I also replied explaining I only have a few hundred megs in there and why did I get the email..

    Well, I wouldn't worry about why you in particular got one. If this is legit, they're going to email all their members, not just the ones with over 25 GBs. I imagine that would be an unnecessary logistics problem for them, trying to sort out only members with so many posts and emailing only them. If you've got less than 25GBs, then you've nothing to worry about.

    We'll see what happens. I'm not gonna lose my cool until I actually hear back from RS verifying that the email is legit. Someone else I know, though, also just got one of these....

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    Default Re: 25GB storage/terms of use/inactivity

    Death of rapidshare.


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